Show Off Las Vegas Costumes - Show-Off Las Vegas Costumes: Rude, Disorganized, Trashy

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I made the big mistake of going to Show-Off Las Vegas Costumes of Las Vegas to attempt to rent a Halloween costume.I was not sure what costume I wanted, so the sales person gave me a list to look through.

Most of the costumes I requested did not even exist. The costumes the sales person showed me looked nothing like what they were supposed to be. Another sales person suggested I try on a show-girl costume. When I requested to try such a costume on, another sales person indicated she did not rent them out.

Overall, the people in this store were rude, disorganized, and unhelpful. The quality of the costumes was poor.

I can say this was one of THE WORST experiences I have ever had as a customer.

Review about: Costume Rental.

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